Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Carolyn and Stella go walkabout in Scotland

The day started off so well looking forward to the walk around the Loch, then Stella turned up! The walk was going to be easy, compared with spending 3-4 days with Stella. After a pleasant journey, Stella's company only supassed by the beauty of the surroundings of Scotland. We arrived at Fort Auqustus, a very favourite and special place. After getting earache from my Dear friend for not pre booking accomodation, we found a great bed and breakfast at Drumnadrochit, between Inverness and Fort Auqustus. After a shower and a medicinal drink i put in my ear plugs and dozed off. After an early breakfast the walk was under way. We started from the Loch Ness centre a minutes walk from our B and B. The weather was just marvellous sun shining, birds singing. The only thing on Stella's mind was once we are Loch side WHERE CAN I GO TO THE LOO, she's such a girl!
We enjoyed the views, scenery we didnt really stop anywhere giving ourselves 2 days only to walk the Loch. Then we saw it we couldn't believe it we could only stare at this magnificent sight, The pub the dores inn our first real stop.This pub is great it's at the top of the Loch opposite end to Ford Auqustus. We were both so pleased to reach the Inn but for different reasons mine to take in the views and to have a soft drink, Stella to visit the loo.
At this point we had walked over half the route so to find a place for the night. A lovely place we stayed a little b/b tucked away off the main road. Thank you so much John and Terry for letting Stella at your lovely home. Conversation, food, shower, drink and sleep. Sun shining again what great weather we were off on the road again, early. We set off at a good pace. Now I know what they say about this side of the Loch the south side, thats its a little well, not right starange things have happened and continue you to happen. There are things you shouldnt talk about so I wont!!. The walk was going well, we saw some curious sights but that is the history of this marvellous place. We completed the walk doing 56 miles in 2 days, yes i would do it all again tomorrow.
On the way home Stella made us stop at a Distillary at Spean bridge, well I cant not remember the journey home, well they were giving it away it would be rude to refuse. I told Stella how delightful all the drinks were.
So heres to the next sponsored event.

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